Terms of Service

ACESIN Fellows understand and agree that ACESIN does not warrant any of the information provided or presented by ACESIN by any means.  The foregoing is provide as is, where is, with all faults.  ACESIN may terminate any of its activities at any time with or without notice without any notice whatsoever to any affiliate, fellow or other third party.  ACESIN is not in partnership or joint venture with any ACESIN Fellow.  ACESIN disclaims any and all liabilities and warranties of any nature whatsoever, expressed or implied for any information provided by ACESIN or activity undertaken by ACESIN.  ACESIN Fellows are all independent providers of their services (independent from ACESIN) and are solely responsibile for the information they provide through ACESIN and any activities which they engage in, whatsoever.  ACESIN's liability to any individual or entity is at all times and in all respects expressly limited to an amount not to exceed the funds received by ACESIN from that individual or that entity during the twelve months prior to the assertion of any such claim.  If any ACESIN Fellow provides written materials for ACESIN to use in its Library or other sources, by such provision, the Fellow is agreeing to a non-exclusive license to ACESIN for the right to use such materials and the Fellow represents he or she has the authority to the copyright to provide such materials.  Any such claims of any nature whatsoever against ACESIN must be brought in the Federal District Court for the then location of ACESIN headquarters and tried to the bench and not a jury.  If ACESIN is the successful party on any part or portion of the suit, then the other party shall pay all of ACESIN's reasonable attorney fees and litigation expenses, which shall not be less than such charges billed by ACESIN's counsel at it customary rates.