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  • Affiliate
    The ACESIN Affiliate is a person or organization seeking ADR services in e-discovery. By registering as an ACESIN Affiliate, you have unlimited access to ACESIN's Directory of e-Neutrals for FREE! ACESIN Affiliates can readily identify the most appropropriate ACESIN Fellow to serve as an e-Neutral by searching the ACESIN Directory by name, state and/or practice area. Then, the ACESIN Affiliate can contact the ACESIN Fellow directly for e-Neutral services with just a click. An ACESIN Affiliate may also post a request for information. Federal and state judges are encouraged to join as ACESIN Affiliates. To become an ACESIN Affiliate, click on the "Become and ACESIN Affiliate" Tab.

  • Fellow
    The ACESIN Fellow is an e-Neutral that offers ADR services in the field of e-discovery. The primary benefit of becoming an ACESIN Fellow is to receive national recognition in this new and innovative field of ADR. As an ACESIN Fellow, you are listed in ACESIN's Directory of e-Neutrals which is available to ACESIN Affiliates, other ACESIN Fellows and the Federal and State Judiciaries. The unique ACESIN Directory provides a personalized profile of each of its Fellows with links to the Fellow's biography, website, blogs, testimonials and ACESIN Library. The ACESIN Fellow becomes a part of ACESIN's network for promoting the use of e-Mediations and court appointments. An ACESIN Fellow receives a free license to use the ACESIN designation.